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HTML5 Case Study 9: WordDown: A Word-to-HTML5 Conversion Tool

Author: Peter Sefton

HTML5 Case Study 9: WordDown: A Word-to-HTML5 Conversion Tool

1. About This Case Study

Target Audience

The main audience for this work is tool developers building authoring systems, repositories and publishing infrastructure for academic documents.

HTML5 Case Study 8: Conventions and Guidelines for Scholarly HTML5 Documents

Author: Peter Sefton

HTML5 Case Studies: Introduction

Case studies illustrating development approaches to use of HTML5 and related Open Web Platform standards in the UK Higher Education sector.

Author: Brian Kelly

1. About This Document

This document provides an introduction to a series of HTML5 case studies which were commissioned by the JISC. The document gives an introduction to HTML5 and related standards developed by the W3C and explains why these developments represent a significant development to Web standards, which is of more significance than previous incremental developments to HTML and CSS.

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