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Frequently Asked Questions

The Technical Foundations site was intended to provide an authoritative synthesis of a wide range of technical subjects of interest to the JISC community in the UK HE sector.

The main topic areas on this site provided technical information for the JISC community in the UK HE sector across a range of key topic areas. This included background and history to the subject, the current state of technical developments in that area, and the merging issues and attempts at cutting-edge technical solutions that were being implemented by leaders in that field.

In addition to the main topic areas, there are also technical resources and a blog archive on technical subjects. The content was reviewed and quality-assured by relevant experts in each technical area.

The site is no longer being updated.

It is possible to see when individual items of content on the site were last updated. A quality assurance (QA) process was undertaken on the content, where expert commentators were consulted to make sure that the content included up-to-date developments and that none of it was incomplete.

Development of the site and content ceased because of the withdrawal of JISC funding for the Information Support Centre at UKOLN from August 2013, which was announced in October 2013.

Topic areas for synthesis on the Technical Foundations site were chosen by a process of consultation and feedback with users and stakeholders. Ideas for new topic pages that arise out of this process were usually proposed by the UKOLN ISC, or on occasion by JISC programme managers who had responsibility and expertise in that particular area, who consulted together on the proposal before it was agreed between the UKOLN ISC and JISC.

Dr. Radut