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JiscEXPO Programme Synthesis

Earlier this year, JISC issued the 2/1o Grant Funding Call for ‘Deposit of research outputs and Exposing digital content for education and research’,  JiscDEPO and JiscEXPO for short. In addition to managing the LOCAH Project that was successful in being funded as part of JiscEXPO, I am also now undertaking the ‘Synthesis Liaison’ role for the JiscEXPO programme (tag = #jiscexpo) working with programme manager David Flanders.

I’ve essentially only just started this role, so I’m still getting a sense of the other projects. I was already familiar with the JiscEXPO programme website as one of the participating projects, but I’ll now be getting more familiar with all the other projects too. The programme synthesis activities are described in more detail on the JiscEXPO site, but it’s basically about identifying ‘emergent patterns’ from across the projects, and ‘synthesising’ these. I’ll then be writing posts on this blog to let you all (and JISC) know what I find.  I’ll also be commenting on each of the project blogs, and will be attempting to aid discussion and cross-pollination of ideas across the projects through comments and cross-links. This diagram from the JiscEXPO site aims to describe the process pictorially:

JiscEXPO Programme Synthesis Activity Overview

JiscEXPO Programme Synthesis Activity Overview

In many respects this is a new way of doing programme synthesis for JISC, so it’s going to be interesting to see how it goes.


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